Here come the girls…

February 4, 2009


dsc02421The Buffalo Bar on Windsor Place is one of the funkiest places to go in Cardiff most nights of the week.

Last Thursday they hosted ‘Buffalo Boutique’, a retro clothes sale, when the whole upstairs dance floor was transformed into a boudoir complete with dimmed lights and a feast of vintage clothes, hand-made accessories and nicknacks. 

The best stand was probably Kitty’s Corsets, a beautiful collection of corsets, fabulous Edwardian-style lace umbrellas and, oddly, a weird and wonderful array of nipple tassels. Kitty designed and made everything herself, and she was there selling her wares, setting the scene nicely by wearing a deliciously sexual black and red corset over her dress, voluptuous breasts barely contained.


Girls swarmed in their dozens, polite, but barely concealing their frantic scrabble for the occasional gem lying among the hats, shoes, jumpers and dresses. The earrings were a particular favourite – and cheap to boot – most pairs were just £2.

Buffalo regularly hold events like this so watch out for the next one on their website. At only £3 a ticket the evening was certainly good value, particularly for a girls’ night out. 

For the boyfriends and male company waiting (maybe not so) patiently downstairs, there was a vast array of special beers and good music. Boys beware: the atmosphere on ‘the boys floor’ was uncannily reminiscent of outside a Topshop changing room!




dsc02487Any act which begins: “Ladies, gentlemen and people from Splott”, is sure to get a Cardiff audience riled up and ready to go.

Essex lad Russell Kane‘s intelligent performance consisted of pulling the carpet from underneath traditional family relationships, and humorously examining his theory of flaws; an analysis of the British psycology, it’s threshold of affection and love of all things broken or worn. 

Although a little unsure of how to approach the Welsh/English divide, Kane battled through his obvious discomfort to comically evaluate his fixation with his father. Obviously the guy is a very troubled soul, but incredibly entertaining nonetheless, and it is always thoroughly enjoyable to see the flaws of our fellow men and women being reenacted onstage.

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