Tights, glorious tights!

December 7, 2008

For the lithe-limbed, choices are endless.

Swirls, tartan, shocking pink, paisley –  you name it, you can probably find it – Mod Cloth and their peacock feather tights are a particular favourite of mine.

But if your legs are shapely rather than gazelle-like, even a hint of colour adds pounds.

I have coaxed myself into the changing rooms many a time, in the hope that funky tights will not do my (unfortunately short) legs an injustice…to no avail.

Each time I once again promise myself faithfully to black leg-wear; a colour with which you simply cannot go wrong. Not only are they fantastically slimming, but they make even the most crutch-skimming of clothes socially acceptable.

Dependable they may be, but with so many wierd and wonderful tights in the shops this season, you cannot help but feel a little out of the loop.

The answer: Chanel!

Chanel have up-ed the anti with their two-toned tights. Epitomising cool, classic chic, they are perfect for office-to-party wear, but most importantly, they give your legs a wonderfully polished, chiselled look, thanks to the leg-lengthening strip at the back.

Attributed to MissLovely

Vogue’s Jessica Bumpus advocates Chanel’s sheer variation (see here) which, darker above the knee than they are below, are equally desirable – and add a surprising amount of length to legs too.

For a more affordable variation on a winter necessity, River Island do 40s-style tights; neutral with an iconic black line running up the back. Accessorize have the same in black.

For tights-enthusiasts, Csakura has a great blog on Fasity (see it here).


2 Responses to “Tights, glorious tights!”

  1. alice said

    i love it darling but you… short legs… PLEASE, you goddess! xxxxxx

  2. Robin Red said

    Are stockings dead ? Tights with shorts over them are really uncool whatever the colour.

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