Internet Dating To Combat Hungry Alsatians

November 12, 2008

The human nose for sniffing out the simplest and most effective way to fornicate should not be ignored.

And internet dating is, shock horror, becoming a socially acceptable way of meeting people.

Of course there are the still the perverts and sad old men out there, but more and more people are beginning to understand the appeal of dating services that never close. Busy people can now avoid being discovered three weeks after they died alone in a one-bedroomed flat, having been gnawed by Alsatians (Bridget Jones’ greatest fear). 8642751

Do I sense the prick of ears from fellow underpaid and undersexed journalists? Deadlines, early mornings and late nights do no favours to our wild-eyed and over-worked complexions. Is a CV comprising of a well-angled photograph and witty one-liner beginning to sound appealing to anyone in the dating market?

According to Caroline Marcus of the Sydney Morning Herald, the future of TV is also online.

Thats Why You’re Single is a dating television show due to be released on Yahoo7 this December. It is shown in five minute snatches throughout the day to fit in with all of us who spend far too much time having sneaky Facebook checks while our bosses are looking the other way.

It also highlights how television stations are taking note of the changes in store for the industry.

Human mating instincts pounced on the internet as a convenient and fresh way to meet other like-minded people, leaping aboard the bandwagon with a zealousness that is only now beginning to infect the media world.

For the unlucky-in-love, this is the chance to grab the attention of a man or woman who would look straight through you if you passed them on the street. Lets face it; odds on at least somebody out of the millions of visitors to Internet dating sites won’t be repulsed.

Echoing this, for the first time smaller papers and magazines are finding themselves on a level playing field with nationals and big magazines like GQ, turning the industry on its head. Small businesses, small time journalists, small men, you name it, they all have just as big a chance as the big boys. It is astonishing, but unsurprising, that youtube gets more hits than the Guardian website.

But just as your blind date can turn on their heel soon as look at you, small papers that don’t deliver aren’t going to keep readers.

Of course people get screwed over…but don’t they in real life? Even Shakespeare, a man famous for his heartfelt soliloquies of love, admitted all ain’t fair in love and war.

But at least the Internet is going some way to help those with smelly feet find a mate. Television, newspapers and magazines have started to take note of the opportunities available using the Internet to maintain readership, but have found themselves facing real and stiff competition for almost the first time.


One Response to “Internet Dating To Combat Hungry Alsatians”

  1. Adam Hall said

    Excellent. It is always a pleasure to read a piece that provides opinion alongside fact to give an arguement rather than simply sitting on the fence and coming to no conclusions.

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